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Clutch Servicing Tips
First of all, you should have a service manual for factory specifications and information. Take off the clutch cover. Be careful to lay out the parts you remove in an orderly fashion, not in a pile. This makes the job go back together quickly and easily. Remember to visually inspect all components and clean them thoroughly. Check the bottom of the clutch case for chips, chunks, shavings, parts, etc. You might have other problems. Take the friction and metal plates and stack them like "pancakes." This is a good way to see if they are flat or not. Hold the stack up to the light. If you find any air gaps or light gaps, they need replacing. Also, if they are burned, scored, warped, bent, chipped, glazed, or if the thickness is not to factory specs, you need to replace it. All the plates stacked together should make a nice flat package. If the components are inspected and/or replaced in this manner, you shouldn't have problems like dragging, hard to find neutral, or hard to shift.