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Genuine Barnett Cables for standard and custom applications.

Throttle-By-Wire Extensions

Throttle-By-Wire Extensions

Plug and play extensions for select Harley-Davidson and Indian models.

Platinum Series

Platinum Series

Bright Silver Plated Braid with Clear-Coat™ Finish

Stealth Series

Stealth Series

Black Vinyl Finish with Black Hardware

Classic Stainless

Classic Stainless

Stainless Steel Braid with Clear-Coat™ Finish

Traditional  Black

Traditional Black

Traditional Black Vinyl Finish

Barnett High Efficiency Clutch Cables

Barnett High Efficiency Clutch Cables

High Efficiency Inner Wire

How Barnett Cables Are Made



We offer 4 great looking cable types:

  • Traditional Black Vinyl
  • Classic Stainless braid with Clear Coat
  • Platinum Series bright silver braid with Clear Coat
  • Stealth Series 'black on black' (available on 1987 & later style Harley Davidson cables). We manufacture cables for all Harley Davidson models, popular Metric Cruisers, Vintage motorcycles, and many other applications. If you don't see your model listed, contact us with your requirements!


Experience and Reliable Performance

We were the FIRST to introduce "High Efficiency" clutch cables. High Efficiency clutch cables provide a smoother cable action, longer life and reduced lever effort. "HE" cables feature a nylon coated inner wire and are pre-lubed with a silicone lube.

All Metric Cruiser and 1987 & later HD clutch cables come standard with our High Efficiency inner wire and many vintage clutch cables can also be made with the "HE" wire.

Barnett control cables feature "long lay" (longitudinally wound) casing with 1x19, 7x19, or 7x7 stainless steel wire rope to eliminate flex and include a Teflon, Nylon, or HDPE inner liner for smooth, reliable performance, and long life.

All elbows and hardware are polished and chrome plated where applicable. Stealth Series cables feature black chrome elbows and hardware.


Quality Control

All fittings, hardware, and cable assemblies are manufactured in-house to strict quality control standards.

Our braided cables feature an extruded Clear Coat covering that is guaranteed not to discolor from sun exposure.

MADE IN THE USA since 1948.


Need Custom Cables?

We specialize in custom cables of all types and sizes- "one-off" cables are our specialty!

24 hour rush service available on custom cables

No gimmicks- just the highest quality cables available for your bike from the industry leader-since 1948.

Custom Cable Measuring Guide

Custom Made Cables Are Non-Returnable Unless Defective In Material Or Workmanship


How to measure throttle/idle cables
Specify the following:
  1. Year, Make, Model
  2. Carb, What Type, Size, etc.
  3. Throttle, Stock, Aftermarket
    (What Brand)
  4. Elbow, if Applicable, Bend: 130°, 90°
  5. Elbow Thread size, 1/4", 5/16", 10mm, 12mm, etc.
  6. Casing Designation:
    • Stainless Steel Braid w/ Clear-Coat (SC),
    • Platinum Series-Bright Silver w/ Clear-Coat (PS),
    • Stealth Series–All Black (HD Only),
    • Classic Black Vinyl
  7. Casing Length
    (A) (Note: Elbows are 5" Long)
  8. Exposed Wire Length
    (B) (Pull inner cable to one end.)


Clutch Cables
Specify the following:
  1. Year, Make, Model
  2. Lever, if non-stock
  3. Casing Designation:
    • Stainless Steel Braid w/ Clear-Coat (SC),
    • Platinum Series-Bright Silver w/ Clear-Coat (PS),
    • Stealth Series–All Black (HD Only),
    • Classic Black Vinyl
  4. Casing Length (A) (A and B if eyelet type)
  5. Exposed Wire Length (C) (Measure with all inner cable pulled to one end.)


Platinum Series-Bright with Clear-Coat (PS)
Platinum Series-Bright
with Clear-Coat (PS)
Stainless Braid with Clear-Coat (SC)
Stainless Braid
with Clear-Coat (SC)

Classic Black Vinyl
Classic Black Vinyl

Classic Black Vinyl
Stealth Series–All Black
 (HD Only)

How to Order Custom Barnett Cables

Please note:  Custom made to order control cables are non-returnable. No return will be made without prior authorization. We reserve the right to apply a 20% handling and restock fee on all items returned. Merchandise may not be returned after 90 days from shipment.


Before ordering Barnett cables/custom cables, PLEASE READ:

Please note that all the cables that we list are the same as stock length cables except where noted. Prices for custom cables are different than the prices for stock cables and should not be ordered on our website by noting additions in the “Notes” section of the order.  Custom cables should be ordered directly through our sales desk by phone at 805-642-9435. All our cables are made of the same quality materials and fittings.  The only difference is the outside finish.  Note: Not all makes and models can be made with all finishes offered.


If you have any questions, please contact us by phone at the number above or by clicking on the “Contact Us” link on this website.

Here at Barnett we specialize in making custom cables as well as stock replacement cables. While the majority of the cables we make are for Harley Davidson models, Metric Cruisers, and Vintage motorcycles, we can make a wide variety of cables for many different types of motorcycles and custom “one-off” applications.

We also have a variety of cable housings available which include traditional black vinyl, stainless steel braid with clear coat, Platinum Series which consists of a bright silver plated braiding with clear coat, and Stealth Series "black on black" cables (Available for 1987 & later style Harley Davidson cables). In addition, we offer a “High Efficiency” inner wire for use on clutch cables. This inner wire is nylon coated and is lubed with a silicone lube to help reduce clutch lever effort. Note: All of our 1987 & later style Harley Davidson clutch cables and all Metric Cruiser cables come standard with the High Efficiency inner wire.

How to order custom cables for Harley Davidson and Metric Cruiser models

The most common request we receive is for over or under stock length cables for various handlebar conversions. While we cannot tell you what length will work for each individual application, we can make the cables any length that you require. The simplest way to order custom length cables is to simply tell us how many inches over (+) or under (-) the stock length you need the cables to be and what type of casing you desire.

To order, please follow these steps:

1. Find the cable listing for your model in the Barnett catalog. Note: the Harley Davidson part numbers in the catalog are for stock length cables with traditional black casing. The part numbers listed for metric cruisers & Victory models are for stainless braided cables with clear coat.

To order a specific casing type, simply change the first three numbers of the part number to one of the following:

  • 101 = Traditional Black
  • 102 = Stainless braid w/clear coat
  • 106 = Platinum Series bright silver
  • 131 = Stealth Series


HE” = Designates “High Efficiency” inner wire (for clutch cables only). To order a High Efficiency clutch cable, please specify this at the time of ordering.


2. In order to have the cable made in the over or under length and casing type you desire, simply add it to the end of the part number and/or specify the length at the time of ordering.

How to order for custom applications or applications not listed in catalog

If you are in need of a custom cable or a cable that we do not list in our catalog, you will need to do one of the following:

Send us your original cable(s), if possible. We will duplicate the cable per your instructions. If you need any measurements of the cable changed, specify clearly what you need done.

Send us a detailed drawing or what you require. Be sure to include all measurements and specifications. Please refer to the Custom Cable Measuring Guide to see exactly how we measure our cables. Specify what type of casing you desire. On Harley Davidson/Custom V-Twin applications, be to let us know what type of carburetor you are using and what type of hand controls (if other than stock).