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Brake & Clutch Lines for Metric Cruisers

Brake Lines for Metric Cruisers

Barnett manufactures top quality Metric Cruiser brake line kits which have an appearance and durability that is second to none. Chrome tees and hardware are standard on the Stainless and Platinum lines while our Stealth all black lines feature black chrome. The hose features clear PVC coating, PTFE inner liner, and stainless steel braiding. Kits come complete with bolts and washers.

Our metric cruiser brake line kits are available in Classic Stainless, Stealth Series (all black) and Platinum Series.

NOTE: Custom made to order Hydraulic Brake and Clutch lines are non-returnable. No return will be made without prior authorization.  We reserve the right to apply a 20% handling and restock fee on all items returned.  Merchandise may not be returned after 90 days from shipment.

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