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As far as what oils to use, we generally suggest following the manufacturer's recommendations. Use good quality motorcycle oils and lubricants. The main purpose of oils in a "wet" clutch application (as far as the clutch pack itself is concerned) is to act as a coolant. Oils flowing through the clutch plates help to keep the plates cooler, resulting in smoother clutch action and longer life. Using too heavy viscosity can cause plates to stick when cold.

Synthetic oil, by its nature, has extra lubricity. This can be a real advantage for the engine, but a disadvantage for a wet clutch. Synthetic oils can cause a worn clutch to fail. All Barnett wet clutches are designed to be run with synthetic or petroleum based oils. * Remember, the single best insurance you can have for your clutch and bike is to keep clean, good quality oil in it!

*There are several petroleum/synthetic blended oils that give excellent service in many motorcycle models