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Another area that is essential to proper clutch operation is adequate clutch spring tension. Weak or fatigued springs are a prime cause of clutch slippage and premature wear. However, poor clutch action can not always be solved by increasing spring tension. Many factors can figure into clutch slippage - such as worn or warped friction or metal plates, pressure plate and/or hub wear, cable stretch or flex, faulty hydraulic systems (where equipped), or improper adjustment of actuator. Excessively heavy springs can also cause problems such as stress or fatigue to clutch activators, case covers, center hub, damage to the pressure plate, broken post, or cable stretch - as well as being very hard on your left hand! One helpful hint for dialing in your clutch is to alternate the stock springs with heavy duty springs. This can be done on applications that have an even number of clutch springs (4, 6, etc.). When doing this, it is important that the springs are alternated so the pressure is distributed evenly. This will also keep the clutch lever pull from being overly stiff.

Barnett clutch springs are made of chrome-silicon. They are heat treated, shot-peened, and preset to remove the initial "sag." Our heavy duty springs provide 10-25% more spring pressure than O.E.M. springs for longer life. Do you need special applications such as extra-light for trials bikes or extra-stiff for drag bikes? We have well over 100 different springs to choose from. Just give us your requirements! Some models are equipped with a diaphragm-type clutch spring. On these models, exact clutch pack thickness is essential. Installed deflection of diaphragm springs must be precise to assure maximum efficiency. This is generally accomplished by having the correct O.A.T. (overall thickness - the combined thickness of friction and metal plates). Barnett diaphragm springs are made of high carbon steel, formed and heat treated to precise tolerances. We also make diaphragm springs for Suzuki and all Harley Davidson models. We also offer coil spring conversion kits for the Yamaha FJ1100/1200, V-Max, Road Star, Royal Star, 1100 V-Star, 1998-03 YZF1000R1, and 1998 & later Big Twin Harley Davidson