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Cable Care
Always keep cable clean, properly lubricated where necessary and in proper adjustment. Visually inspect on a regular basis for torn or worn housing, frayed wires, signs of bending or kinking at the controls. Keep free of dirt and grime at the controls and activators. If cable is equipped with rubber covers, boots, etc., make sure no water or dirt has become trapped in them.

When lubricating cables, use a light viscosity oil, or aerosol spray such as Teflon sprays, Dri Slide, WD-40 and others. Do not use heavy oils or grease and especially do not use chain lube, as they can attract dirt, sand, etc., and can bind up the cable.

Most cables fail at the lever or throttle because the fitting does not pivot freely and the cable bends with each movement of the control instead of pulling straight. Make sure the fitting is the correct size and shape for the control and always keep it lubed and your cables will give you maximum service.