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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use synthetic oil or a synthetic blend with a Barnett clutch?
A: Yes. Barnett clutches are designed to work with any type of “motorcycle specific” oil. We DO NOT recommend the use of automotive oils or additives.

Q: What oil do you recommend for a Harley Davidson primary?
A: Any of the primary oils designed for use in a wet clutch is fine to use. We do not however, recommend the use of the HD Formula Plus oil. ATF also works well- Type F will provide a more grabby, harsher engagement while the Dexron with provide a smoother engagement.

Q: Can I buy direct from Barnett?
A: Yes, you call us direct, order online or contact your dealer to place an order. To find an authorized Barnett dealer in your area, please refer to the dealer locator on this website.

Q: Can Barnett make custom length cables?
Yes! We can make cables as long or short as you need. Please refer to the “How to order custom cables” section of the Service Center.

Q: Can Barnett make custom “one-off” cables?
A: Yes, we specialize in custom “one-off” cables for custom applications. Please refer to the “custom cable measuring guide” and “how to order custom cables” sections of the Service Center.

Q: Can Barnett provide me with an illustration of my bike's clutch assembly?
No. We recommend that you purchase a service manual for your bike. The manual will give you all the specifications on your clutch assembly. Many manufacturers and websites have assembly diagrams that can be accessed as well.

Q: How come my Barnett clutch plates did not come with specific installation instructions?
A: It is not possible to include instructions for every motorcycle or ATV made and many clutch plates fit a wide variety of models. We strongly recommend that you refer to the factory service manual for assembly order and torque specs. In most applications, Barnett plates and springs are a direct replacement for the OEM plates and springs and will install in the same manner. In special applications, instructions will be included. Also, parts fiche for many makes and models are available online that will show you the proper assembly order.

Q: How long can I expect a Barnett clutch to last?
A: That is a virtually impossible question to answer. Clutch life depends greatly on the type of riding you do, riding style, and proper maintenance/adjustment.

Q: What type of cable lube do I use?
A: All Barnett cables are Teflon, nylon, or HDPE lined. Cable end fittings should be kept clean and lubed with a light grease or oil. If you wish to lube the internal cable, use a silicone spray, Teflon spray, dri-slide, etc. Do not use heavy oils or grease that can attract dirt.

Q: How much stronger are Barnett clutch springs than stock?
A: While Barnett springs vary with each application, they are generally about 10-15% stronger than stock springs.

Q: How do I clean my clutch plates?
Lightly scuff the friction plates with a Scotch Brite pad to remove any shine and glaze from the surface. If the friction plates are being used in a wet clutch, be sure to soak the plates in oil before re-installing. Steel drive plates can also be scuffed with Scotch Brite or bead blasted.

Q: Can Barnett tell me how long my cables and brake lines need to be for my handlebar conversion?
A: No. There are simply too many different applications and variables involved for us to accurately estimate how long your new cables and lines will need to be. Some handlebar manufacturers can provide you with recommendations. Please refer to the “How to order custom cables” section of the Service Center.