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NEW- Scorpion Complete Clutch Assemblies!

includes Scorpion clutch and 'bolt-on' billet basket

The NEW Scorpion "Complete" Clutch Assemblies for 2007 & later Harley Davidson Big Twins includes your choice of a Scorpion low-profile lock-up clutch or non lock-up clutch and our new 'bolt-on' billet clutch basket. Superior in quality and durability compared to the stock basket, this basket simply bolts on to your existing ring/primary gear. These kits come assembled with the bearing included and already installed. With the durability of the CNC precision machined billet basket and the proven performance of the Scorpion high HP/TQ capacity clutch, this is the ultimate clutch assembly for your Big Twin! Hydraulic versions also available. This product is made in-house, in the USA. 

#698-30-53710 - Scorpion lock-up/basket ($1236.00)
#698-30-63710 - Hydraulic Scorpion lock-up/basket ($1236.00)
#698-30-40009 - Standard Scorpion non-lock-up/basket ($949.00)
#698-30-60009 - Hydraulic standard Scorpion non-lock-up/basket ($949.00)