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Ducati Clutch Covers

Ducati Clutch Covers

Show off that trick billet clutch and protect your investment at the same time! Our new clutch cover for the dry clutch models is designed for style and real world performance.

  • CNC machined from aerospace quality billet aluminum
  • Guaranteed not to fade or discolor
  • Can be used with OEM or aftermarket clutch components
  • Fits 6-speed dry clutch models
    $206.76 ea.

"Half" Cover


341-25-02511 (Black anodize)Add to Cart

341-25-02111 (Clear anodize)Add to Cart

341-25-02911 (Hard anodize) Add to Cart

"Open Face" Cover


341-25-01512 (Black anodize)Add to Cart

341-25-01112 (Clear anodize)Add to Cart

341-25-01912 (Hard anodize) Add to Cart

"Propeller Face" Cover


341-25-01513 (Black anodize)Add to Cart

341-25-01113 (Clear anodize)Add to Cart

341-25-01913 (Hard anodize) Add to Cart

Original Vented Cover


341-25-01506 (Black anodize) Add to Cart

341-25-01106 (Clear anodize) Add to Cart

341-25-01806 (Red anodize)Add to Cart

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